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IoT Use Cases

Long-range Wireless Sensors


These versatile IoT Remote Temperature Monitoring Solutions are ideal for areas where extreme temps could degrade performance, assets, or safety. Monitor food storage, vaccines, research labs, HVAC systems, facilities, and more. Industry-topping, 25-month NIST Certification is available.


Remotely monitor the relative humidity in facilities & enclosures. Museums, data centers, and manufacturers alike count on sensor alerts and data to protect artifacts, electronics, sensitive materials, and mission-critical machines. A 7-month NIST Certification is available.

Dry Contact

These sensors remotely monitor production line operations, tracks when a forklift’s seat is occupied, or alerts you if a gate was left open. Power over Ethernet, intrinsically safe IECEX-certified, and wireless sensor types support small business, enterprise, and industrial firms.


These mount-&-monitor sensors alert you when a door, window, or cabinet has been left open or is accessed after hours. Use for cold storage, labs, server rooms, remote facilities, or vacant buildings. Know valuable and irreplaceable assets are secure.

Motion Detection

Wirelessly monitor motion by people or animals and know when an area is accessed. You can also measure motion, temperature, and humidity with one sensor. These passive infrared (PIR) sensing solutions help boost security, protect key assets, and maintain climate conditions.

Water Detect

Spring a leak? These wireless and Power over Ethernet sensors will alert you instantly. Choose commercial, enterprise, and industrial-grade devices, as well as water rope sensors, award-winning puck, and detection plus models to monitor for water’s presence or absence.

0-20mA Current Meter

IoT’s Wireless 0–20 mA Current Meters are staples in R&D departments, academic labs, healthcare settings, and other areas that rely on industrial and/or scientific sensors. Users routinely interface IoT’s Wireless Current Meters with pH sensors, acceleration sensors and much more.

Voltage Meter

This meter monitors potential differences between two electrical points at user-determined intervals. If it detects voltages that have fallen below or risen above user-set thresholds, the user is alerted via email, text, or call.

Monnit’s 20A, 150A, and 500A industrial-grade Wireless 3-phase Current Meters remotely monitor power consumption. Ideal for tracking motor health and external power system faults, or economizing machine use without performing additional wiring.


Remotely track vibrations in machines or structures with these plug-&-play sensors. Collected data guides preventive machine maintenance or helps determine lifespan. Also, be instantly alerted if a barrier’s been breached or of excessive vibrations that may indicate imminent failure.

AC Current Meter

Deploy a Wireless AC Current Meter within 15 minutes to remotely monitor power consumption. Get valuable insights on machine health, HVAC performance, or supply issues via current usage. May also be used for submetering.


Find out instantly if machinery, equipment, supplies, or other key assets vibrate or abruptly move too much. The IoT Wireless Activity Detection Sensor monitors and measures the number of vibrations, frequency, and sudden movement or lack of movement of surfaces and objects.


Does the restroom need service? Want to confirm system network performance? Press an on-sensor button to trigger an alert and see the on-unit LED illuminate—know help is on its way or that sensor placement is optimal.

Carbon Dioxide

CO2 concentration provides insight into facility ventilation quality and HVAC calibration. Greenhouses and modern grow spaces also rely on CO2 sensor data to optimize crop growth. Maintain wellness and productivity with these IoT Wireless CO2 Sensors.

CO Gas

Unique battery-powered sensors monitor jobsites, offices and residential complexes for carbon monoxide (CO). Within a small footprint, the MEMS-based device packs a 0–1,000 PPM measurement range & automated data logging.

Differential Air Pressure

These turnkey sensors measure the pressure difference between its two ports. Ideal for food service, healthcare & academia. Common applications include clean rooms, pharmaceutical production, commercial kitchens, and HVAC.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic gas that stalks underground telecom vaults and many other enclosed industrial, agricultural, and commercial areas. Highly flammable, H2S also gravitates to ignition sources, posing a risk of flashbacks or explosions.

Light Meter

Light Meters track light intensity in lux and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) for virtually any application where light affects critical assets and crops. See how the Lux and PAR Light Meters give you the data you need to deliver the light you want.

Air Quality Sensors

This easy-to-use air quality sensor measures PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 concentrations in the air. Protect occupants and ensure safety in mines, production facilities, commercial kitchens & more.

Pressure Meters

Unique AA battery-powered sensor measures line pressure: gas, liquid, or vapor. These meters remotely monitor machines, pumps, or specialized areas (e.g., labs, negative pressure tents for health care, and cleanrooms). Choose from 50 or 300 PSIG meters.

Pulse Counter

Monnit wireless pulse counters can be integrated with a dry contact or mechanical switch to count the number of actuations occurring within a given time frame.

Resistance Sensors

These sensors read the resistance across a resistive load up to 250K Ohms—great for typical industrial or scientific equipment. An alert is sent if levels deviate from user-set limits; data is collected to support analysis and action.


These Wireless Thermocouple Sensors are available with a hardwired needle-style probe or K-type quick connector to support various thermocouple types and ranges up to 400°C (752°F). Great for tracking high-temperature processes and machinery. Can also be used in wet or damp environments.

Ultrasonic Ranging Sensors

An ultrasonic sensor measures the distance between itself and an object(s) in its path to detect liquid levels, track inventory, or monitor traffic. Both commercial and industrial-grade ultrasonic sensors are offered for manufacturing, logistics, and process industries.

These 200 VDC and 500 VAC Wireless Voltage Detection Sensors remotely monitor the on/off status of equipment, machines, or battery levels. Monitor sprinkler systems, HVAC, power couplings, solar equipment, and more to keep business moving.

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