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Hospital Starter Kit

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Healthcare is a mission-critical industry where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, especially when it comes to cold storage temperature management. Regular temperature monitoring checks and comprehensive documentation are not only mandatory but vital to ensuring patient safety and maintaining the integrity of medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

IoTsensorid has crafted an impeccable solution to this demand, an Automated Wireless Healthcare Temperature Monitoring Solution. With advanced wireless technology, this system diligently maintains HACCP compliance records, protects your products and environments, and sends immediate safety alerts should temperatures exceed preset variances.

A Comprehensive Solution for Every Corner of Healthcare Operations

IoTsensorid’s wireless sensors are engineered for the diverse operational needs of healthcare institutions. Whether you’re managing an Operating Room, Emergency Room, Pharmacy, Lab, Blood Bank, Nursing Unit or Food Nutrition, our solution is adaptable and reliable. Additionally, for your food safety compliance needs, our system records the temperatures of refrigerators and cold food displays at regular intervals, automatically creating a history record ready for any audit.

Ease of Use and Installation

Emphasizing simplicity and efficiency, the IoTsensorid monitoring solution is all-inclusive and requires no software installation — just an internet connection. A receiver placed within 50 meters of your cold storage areas communicates with up to 99 wireless temperature sensors. These can be placed in any type of refrigerator or cold storage unit. The system’s scalability allows for the addition of multiple receivers via your network, meaning the potential number of temperature sensors is virtually limitless.

Tested, Trusted and Proven in the Healthcare Industry

We understand that each healthcare environment is unique. That’s why our Wireless Healthcare Temperature Monitoring Solution has been rigorously tested and proven in the field, ensuring that it’s perfectly suited for your specific workplace needs.

Our versatile wireless temperature monitoring solutions are not only ideal for the Healthcare industry but are also available for the Pharmaceutical, Restaurant, Cold Storage, and Transport sectors.

Invest in Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance with IoTsensorid

Don’t leave the safety of your patients and the integrity of your medical supplies to chance. Invest in the IoTsensorid Automated Wireless Healthcare Temperature Monitoring Solution today. Give us a call for a free quote and demonstration, and see how we can make temperature monitoring in your healthcare facility effortless, accurate, and compliant.


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