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Chemists Starter Kit

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Critical Refrigeration and Freezer Monitoring for Your Biotech and Pharmaceutical Needs

Your pharmaceutical operations hinge on the precise temperature control of your refrigerators and freezers. Just one temperature deviation can result in costly product losses and jeopardize critical resources like vaccines. To adhere to international regulatory compliance, biotech companies must store and transport their products in strictly regulated environments and cold-chain systems.

We understand the immense stakes and have developed our Remote Monitoring Solutions to help industry leaders like you monitor temperature and facility operations around the clock. Harness the power of our Chemist Starter Kit to protect your high-value products, maximize ROI, and ultimately save significant funds by preventing product spoilage.

Our Remote Monitoring Solutions offer a comprehensive range of tools designed for fast, self-installation:

  • Standard, Digital, and Low-Temperature Sensors: Monitor your inventory of drugs, vaccines, and source materials in pharmaceutical refrigerators and ULT freezers.
  • Open-Closed Sensors: Alert staff if restricted-area doors, including those on freezers and refrigerators, are left ajar.
  • Wireless AC Current Meters: Remotely monitor power consumption of your equipment to predict necessary maintenance.
  • Temperature Buffers (Glycol or Glass Beads): Insulate temperature sensor leads to offset temp swings caused by defrosting cycles and door openings.
  • Sensor Management and Remote Monitoring Software: Accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Gateway: Communicate data sent to and from sensors and meters, protecting your valuable information.

With our easy-to-use dashboards, you can view and track each unit’s temperature, save and print reports, and set up notifications. Alerts via email, text, or call inform you of open doors or temperature deviations from regulated levels, allowing immediate action.

Results and Benefits

Our Remote Monitoring Solutions offer rapid setup and customization, with results evident in days:

  • Avoid Potential Spoilage: Our sensors in refrigerators and freezers alert you to temperature deviations.
  • Prevent Temperature Fluctuations: Our open-closed sensors alert you to unsecured doors.
  • Track and Document Conditions: Automatically document conditions with remote monitoring.
  • Ensure Facility and Equipment Function: Maintain smooth operations with a redundant solution.
  • Streamline Management: Optimize inventory, lab, and facility management across your company.

Lower the risk of unsafe temperatures, protect your bottom line, and safeguard your reputation with our Remote Monitoring Solutions. Even in the event of a ULT freezer failure, our solutions can help document possible temperature excursion events and activate backup plans, preventing potentially devastating losses. See the value for yourself and enhance your chemist operations today.



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