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Vets and Pet Welfare Monitoring

Pet and Animal Welfare Monitoring Solutions

Bonding Animal Behaviour with Technology.

An Internet of Things solution to your kennel club woes

Animals are a big part of our lives. Whether as our pet or service animal, living in a zoo, cared for in a shelter or clinic, or deployed through K9 units for investigations and search and rescue operations, their welfare is critically important. That’s why remotely monitoring the precise temperature using our animal welfare monitoring systems inside their environments—like a kennel, vehicle, room, or facility—should be a top priority.

IoTsensorid provides a Remote Monitoring Solution to keep track of the temperature inside vehicles and buildings. You can receive immediate alerts if the cooling unit in a vehicle fails or if a kennel’s temperature gets too warm. Our solutions are ideal for police dog temperature monitoring while in a vehicle or crate.

While we may enjoy the heat at times, our four-legged family members and friends might not. Many animals, like dogs, do not manage heat as well as humans. So, we need to be aware of just how hot it may be in animal environments—virtually from wherever we are. You can put IoTsensorid Temperature Sensors inside a kennel, facility, or on a collar and harness.

You can also use IoTsensorid Remote Monitoring Solutions to detect water leaks, sense humidity, monitor doors and gates’ open/closed status, manage cleaning and feeding schedules, maintain equipment, and detect motion and occupancy. All these caring activities are important to help support the health and safety of your animals.

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