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Vaccine Monitoring

Keep Vaccines Safe for Use

Easily track vaccine temperature changes with IoTsensorid Vaccine Temperature Data Logging Solutions.

Put stringent vaccine monitoring in place

COVID-19 created an incomparable global public health crisis. But everyone from health care workers to biotech firms to technology innovators has generated a remarkable response. The swift, safe development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is a significant example of this monumental effort to combat the coronavirus.

With the proper vaccine temperature monitoring solutions, you can easily protect inventory and meet the) vaccine storage and vaccine data logging requirements.

How are vaccine temperatures monitored? You can use a complete system of sensors, a gateway, and data logging software to ensure vaccines stay safe across the entire cold chain. We can help you maintain proper vaccine temperatures during production, testing, delivery, storage, and thawing.

Our versatile Monitoring Solutions include:

  • Wireless Standard, Digital, and Low Temperature, and other essential Sensors for 24/7 remote monitoring and logging (NATA Certification is available)
  • IoTsensorid Cellular and Ethernet Gateways to allow our Wireless Sensors to communicate with the IoTsensorid Monitoring and Notification Software
  • IoTsensorid Temperature Buffers to insulate our Temperature Sensor leads and help protect temperature sensing and data accuracy
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