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Out with the Clipboard, In with IoTsensorid

Utilize IoTsensorid IoT technology to streamline your operations

Whether a part of a franchise or an independent restaurant or cafe, automated monitoring solutions can help you and your staff maintain a successful and profitable business. IoTsensorid Wireless Sensors are used in thousands of restaurants & cafes to help businesses monitor the status and performance of the restaurant/cafe and comply with health department regulations. For most restaurant/cafes and food service providers, food storage monitoring traditionally involved manually checking the conditions of food storage areas. These routine inspections required the recording of the temperature and humidity of these areas and occurred 

every three hours every day. This responsibility is often carried out by employees who are inadequately trained in food hygienics or by inexperienced managers, which leads to corners being cut. It is also common for sous chefs, or line cooks to take over an hour to perform a manual quality check of their area to complete the necessary paper-based reports. This data is then analysed at a later date. IoTsensorid offers an alternative to time-consuming, paper-based processes. Automated sensor systems can track and monitor areas of your business that were previously done manually. This frees up staff and time, allowing employees to focus on more important job responsibilities, while eliminating human errors such as; misreading’s, recording errors and missed times for readings. The IoTsensorid Remote Monitoring System is an intuitive, dependable, and cost-effective solution for your company. IoTsensorid provides an enormous opportunity to monitor your appliances, attract customers, increase profits, and scale your business. IoTsensorid will dramatically improve the opportunities for automatic monitoring and real-time control for food businesses of all sizes.

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