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Control Safety. Track Trends. Save Money.

Utilize IoTsensorid IoT technology to streamline your operations

Optimize your bottom line

With the increasing needs for minerals, exploration and production margins are scrutinized to the cent. With industry leading, robust, and reliable wireless sensors exploration process and equipment generate timely data to assist in the managing of up-to-the-second assessments and observations allowing for the streamlining of throughput, control of safety measures and tracking of margin influencing trends.

The possibilities for data exploitation in the energy industry are endless and cover the spectrum including things as diverse as

  • Remote Subsidence of Roads
  • Electricity Loads on Equipment
  • Gas Emissions Monitoring
  • Bearing And Motor Heat and Motion
  • Equipment Position Validation
  • Line Pressure Monitoring
  • Battery Or Fuel Level Assessment

With wireless sensors companies can save on nearly every process of bringing these important resources to market. Over 80 sensors allow for a comprehensive remote monitoring solution that give critical data insight into the analytics that are the precursor to energy enterprise efficiencies.

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