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Manufacturing and Production

Avoid Downtime, Avoid Losses.

Condition monitoring sensors keep production humming.

Put an End to Unnecessary Downtime

As a manufacturing or production manager, you take ultimate responsibility for so many processes and regulations. With limited hours in the day, how do you find time to oversee it all? Remote machine condition monitoringmanufacturing facility monitoring, and production line monitoring can improve your visibility into what is happening virtually everywhere in your operations.

Real-time and trending data from equipment and machine health or condition monitoring sensors enable predictive maintenance best practices to reduce machine and production line downtime. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help you turn condition monitoring sensor data into advanced analytics to boost efficiency across your organization and transform manufacturing and production processes.

Get real-time alerts for situations that require your attention. Our award-winning line of 80+ IoT sensors will let you know if motors vibrate irregularly or excessively, temperatures are off, machine power drops, equipment fails, humidity is high, and so much more. With such a broad line of sensors, you can monitor many things from one platform—even on your mobile device.

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