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Livestock & Poultry

Look after your Livestock & Poultry’s health and your livelihood

Sensors that ensure the are no failures in protection

We know your livestock & poultry are at uttermost importance to farmers which is where we come in with a low-cost wireless solution to help monitor their welfare for you, with a useful and simple platform which will alert you if the sensors are out of there range either via via text, email, or call. 

We are not just box movers we know this industry and have produced some unique solution to help our clients where others fail.

You can monitor the following plus many other things:

  • Air quality
  • Co2
  • Ammonia
  • Water levels
  • Water Used
  • Weight of poultry or Livestock
  • Food consumption
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Control of Fans etc

And much more

Over 80 sensors allow for a comprehensive remote monitoring solution that give critical information when needed.

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