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Laboratory And Pharmaceutical Monitoring

Automatic Laboratory Fridge/Freezer Monitoring Solutions and More

Be aware as the situation arises, not after the fact.

Ensure your Samples & research Years are safe.

Maintaining complex research and development and storage environments can be a major challenge. What happens when one piece of the puzzle breaks down? Just think of the implications if an ultra-cold pharmaceutical lab freezer malfunctions or one fails while transporting and storing the COVID-19 vaccines.

Get real-time lab monitoring system alerts when a situation requires your attention—like if ultralow temperature (ULT) lab freezer or refrigerator storage temperatures rise. Beyond temperatures, 80+ sensors in our award-winning line create a laboratory monitoring system to watch over many things—including ajar cooler doors, motion after hours, and increased power draw when equipment may need maintenance.

All IoTsensorid Sensors include automatic data-logging, eliminating the need for manual temperature checks and creating a compliant wireless monitoring system. Easy to retrieve laboratory freezer monitoring data logs help maintain regulations and ensure compliance.

IoTsensorid wireless monitoring solutions give you peace of mind without sensor usage fees or pricey monthly subscriptions. Always know your medical storage systems are performing optimally with IoTsensorid Wireless Sensors for remote laboratory monitoring.

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