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Greenhouse Monitoring & Ventilation Automation

Digital Technology for Healthy Plant and Aquatic Life

Where Horticulture, Floriculture, and Aquaculture Meet Technology

Let your business bloom and grow.

Your greenhouse, hydroponic, and aquaculture farms need to be cared for, just like your plants and aquatic life. Greenhouses and these types of farms and facilities require regular upkeep to maintain compliance standards and foster optimal conditions for growth. Water leaks and open doors are easy to manage, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed working to maintain consistent, optimal temperature and humidity levels. This is where IoTsensorid Wireless Sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) can help with the best solutions for remote greenhouse monitoring, hydroponic monitoring, and aquaculture monitoring.

IoTsensorid Wireless Sensors unburden you from worry. Gone are the days when concern over excessive humidity, soil moisture, and temperatures keep you up at night. IoTsensorid takes greenhouse, hydroponic bag and bottle, and aquaculture cage and tank conditions off your mind and puts them on your phone.

IoTsensorid Sensors deliver alerts via email, text, or voice call according to thresholds and settings you set within a secure cloud-based software in the event of an issue. IoTsensorid keeps your growing facilities as healthy as a flower in full bloom.

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