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Food Temperature Monitoring

Make Food Safety First for Your Customers

Your food keeps customers coming back. But if you suffer from cold storage inventory loss or your kitchen staff’s line checks, manual logging, and compliance reporting fail, how fast could you reopen?

Lose the loss. Keep temperature ranges right.

Checking food storage, cooking, and serving temperatures to protect your customers and achieve regulatory compliance has never been easier. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Modernization Act (FMA) requirements can be challenging. Fast track FMA compliance with IoTsensorid’s award-winning, cost-effective sensors for remote food service temperature logging.

Effortlessly monitor temperature and automatically create Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)-compliant temperature data logging and data storage. Facilitating Electronic Record and Electronic Signature compliance, our wireless temperature monitoring sensors meet the standards

Effortlessly Automate Temperature Checks

Get real-time alerts for any threats— temperatures rising, doors left open, or abnormal motor activity—and take immediate corrective action. Quickly send temp, humidity, and other vital condition monitoring data to the cloud for easy access and retrieval. Reduce inventory loss in storage areas with walk-in coolers and freezers by eliminating manual temperature checks and data logging. Know your cold and dry storage inventory is safe from struggling equipment and human error with IoTsensorid Wireless Sensors temperature, environmental conditions, and cold chain monitoring.

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