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Be Alerted before something goes WRONG!

Prevent costly downtime from broken equipment, inefficient processes, and unforeseen circumstances.

Built to Connect You 24/7

From operating heavy equipment to predicting machine maintenance to monitoring worksite access, there are hundreds of things going on at a construction site at one time. Using IoTsensorid Wireless Sensors to leverage your next project with the peace of mind presented by the Internet of Things is one of the smartest decisions you can make today.

With a IoTsensorid Construction Equipment and Site Remote Monitoring Solution on the job, you will have the real-time data you need to streamline processes, improve safety, and boost productivity across your projects.

Talk to us about our Concrete Monitoring Solution. If you are working on a multi-level building, a gas sensor can alert you if carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen sulphide are present in the atmosphere.

Monitoring your projects with wireless devices helps to keep you on time and on budget using actionable data. Our IoTsensorid Express software operates without the Internet. So even if you are on a remote job site with limited Internet connectivity, you can still work within a secure web of technology. IoTsensorid’s 80+ wireless sensors have hundreds of uses to modernize multiple worksites and keep you connected no matter where you are.


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