Temperature On The Move

Your Transportation Temperature Is Our Business


Real-Time Transport Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Protect your refrigerated loads in real-time: Is your refrigerated stock at risk during transport? YES

Does your driver get alerted if the refrigeration system breaks down out on the road? NO

Are you paying high insurance premiums to cover transport of delicate perishable loads? YES

 ..........Then the IoT Sensorid wireless transport temperature monitoring solution is the perfect solution. Fully automated for real-time transport temperature management and protection of your refrigerated trailer anywhere anytime.

Protection of your stock temperature while in transport

The IoT Sensorid   transport temperature monitoring system is the ideal solution for any refrigerated truck or van delivering constant temperature monitoring and instant alerts via SMS, E-mail or an alarm to the driver in the event of temperatures rising or dropping out of the safe zone.

Real-Time transport temperature monitoring data anywhere

  • Protect your refrigerated stock from being stored outside of safe temperatures
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring on the road via 3G 
  • Reduce your insurance costs by reducing your risk
  • Monitor your refrigeration performance in real-time
  • Drop your equipment operating costs

How IoT Sensorid transport temperature monitoring works

The IoT Sensorid transport temperature monitoring solution consists of a securely mounted GSM / 3G or LTE receiver connected wirelessly to temperature monitoring tags. A single receiver can connect to anything from 1 to 99 wireless temperature sensors.

The receiver is pre-configured to communicate to our live cloud based management software monitoring each temperature sensor, producing history reports, generating alerts if any sensor records a temperature that is outside you pre-determined safe zone.

The solution is fully automated and will manage your stock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while in transport or in the yard.

The real-time temperature sensor status is available to be viewed on any PC or mobile device connected to the Internet giving you worldwide access to your system at any time.

 The Benefits

  • Real-time alerts via SMS or email
  • User-defined temperature ranges
  • 24/7 monitoring with instant alerts
  • Sensors which have been tested and proven to be effective
  • Add more sensors as your need grows
  • Simple finance options available
  • Accessible and easily downloadable forms
  • No more paperwork means increased productivity