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Wood flooring in high humidity areas can absorb moisture when there is excess amounts of it in the air. Humidity fluctuations result in the floor boards swelling and either cupping or crowning, which can make the floor look disjointed and uneven.

Monnit was contacted by the owner of a flooring installation company that has been doing a lot of flooring repair due to extremely humid conditions. He was looking for a solution to offer his customers that would allow them to track and monitor humidity and temperature levels, allowing them to adjust environmental conditions (via humidifiers, dehumidifiers and HVAC systems), helping to prolong the life of their flooring.


The company identified Monnit as the perfect solution provider for their needs, wanting to resell Monnit products and services to their customers. Monnit provides a reliable remote monitoring solution that includes low-cost wireless sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity, as well as detecting water and if doors and windows have been left open. All of these factors can help customers protect their flooring investment.

Seeing the opportunity, the decision was made to private label Monnit’s monitoring solution. Wireless humidity and temperature sensors are installed in various locations around the rooms being monitored, and water detection sensors are placed under sinks, faucets and toilets to immediately detect any leaks. The sensor data is sent wirelessly to a MonnitLink™ wireless gateway and relayed to iMonnit™, the online sensor monitoring system where notifications are set to alert the customer or property management staff allowing them to respond quickly and appropriately.


Monnit makes it easy to realize the immediate return on investment. Becoming a partner with Monnit as a reseller enabled this flooring company to offer a reliable remote monitoring solution as part of their service. For less than $350 a cellular connected remote monitoring system can be implemented to detect both humidity and temperature in a home or office. Since partnering with Monnit and offering this solution, this company has put itself above the competition, seeing a growing customer base.

Using Monnit’s comprehensive monitoring solution as a reseller, this customer is now able to:

  • Offer a simple, complete and comprehensive wireless monitoring solution as part of their flooring installation and maintenance service.
  • Privately brand and sell products and services as their own.
  • Expand their offering with any newly developed Monnit wireless sensors.


To monitor humidity levels and alert of conditions that can cause problems.



To monitor temperatures and alert of conditions that can cause problems.



To detect immediate presence of water around sinks, faucets, toilets, water heaters and other plumbing.



To monitor doors and windows to detect if they are left open.

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