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Simplify Setup and Turn Up the
Heat on Extermination Services

True to their name, pests cause problems. They damage facilities, pose health risks, and turn customers away. Pest control heat treatment or thermal remediation can kill many common pests in homes, hotels, commercial buildings, restaurants, and more built environments.

For professional pest controllers to achieve 100% kill rates and 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time, efficiency and high temperatures are essential to pest-killing management success. People who suffer from pest infiltration — whether homeowners or business owners—want them eliminated quickly. The faster exterminators or facility maintenance managers get equipment set up and indoor temperatures rising, the better for everyone involved.

Sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) can help exterminators know when areas or rooms reach the correct deadly temperatures and if a heater malfunctions at any time. Read how Monnit® can help you remotely monitor extermination procedures in near real time.

Spoiler alert: The ROI is significant by reporting temperatures, maintaining equipment, and improving service. It’s all easily managed using an online dashboard on a mobile device or computer. Plus, alerts via email, text, or call from a wide variety of fast-install IoT sensors and meters.

Simplify Setup and Turn Up the Heat on Extermination Services


A pest control company wanted to streamline its exterminators’ onsite processes from setup to services to reporting. Most of its insect extermination procedures involved a temperature monitoring system for heat remediation.

However, company leaders knew that they needed to modernize how technicians delivered and monitored heat treatment using industrial electric and propane heaters to keep up with competitors. In addition, they sought a simplified and faster approach specific to exterminating bedbugs and other invasive insects and organisms like—termites, dust mites, stink bugs, fleas, cockroaches, and even toxic mold and hantavirus.

Traditional heat remediation systems use wired temperature probes and require large wire spools, which can be a hassle for extermination service specialists to run through homes and buildings. The company’s overall goal was to decrease setup time, allowing their mobile team to be more efficient with their service times.


A technician team manager found that Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions are perfect for helping technicians speed set up by tracking temperatures wirelessly and remotely if needed. The manager and his team set up ALTA® by Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors and other meters and sensors with the heat remediation equipment.

Technicians self-installed and used:

  • Standard Temperature Sensors with and without leads of various lengths placed throughout an area or room and inside walls to be treated
  • AC Current Meters on electric heaters to measure power draw and Vibration Meters on direct-fired propane heaters to assess the performance
  • G-Force Snapshot Accelerometers on main doors for entry alerts during heat treatment
  • The iMonnit Sensor Management and Remote Monitoring Software on technician and manager smartphones and computers
  • Gateways to protect and communicate data sent from every Monnit Sensor and Meter

Sensors sent data wirelessly to a technician’s ALTA by Monnit Cellular Gateway. The gateways then sent aggregated sensor data to iMonnit. Using iMonnit, a technician could easily monitor their thermal remediation service, change sensor settings, and create reports.

Technicians could track temperatures in near real time and set up notifications. They were alerted during their service if temperatures and other readings fell outside of set ranges for the pest extermination, allowing them to adjust heaters appropriately.


Simplify Setup and Turn Up the Heat on Extermination Services - ResultsMonnit Remote Monitoring Solutions are easy to install, typically in 15 minutes or less. Some of the company’s pest control technicians quickly replaced their cumbersome wired temperature probe system with a Monnit Wireless Sensor Solution for a test group.

Technicians easily added wireless temperature sensors and heater monitoring meters to ensure temperatures reached the correct levels per insect type and remained at those levels for the right amount of time. Technicians safely viewed and tracked temperatures and equipment performance from outside the buildings or inside their service vehicles. After completing the service, technicians gave customers a report showing the treatment procedures were conducted according to protocol.

For a couple of weeks, technicians used one hardwired sensor to check the accuracy of Monnit Wireless Sensors. After proving that all of the Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors returned data within one degree of the hardwired thermometer, they switched entirely to Monnit’s wirelesssystem. As a result, technicians save over 30 minutes in setup time each time they’re on the job. Plus, Monnit Sensor data and export functions make it easy to create a custom report for customers with their receipt.

Using Monnit’s comprehensive temperature monitoring solution, the exterminators can:

  • Save time and money during every service call.
  • Accurately monitor temperatures for thermal pest control.
  • Predict heater maintenance and quickly replace malfunctioning heaters.
  • Provide custom reports to their customers, proving service was done correctly.

ROI: After only a couple of weeks of using Monnit Solutions, the company optimized its pest control heat remediation services to reduce setup time, enhance system performance, and improve customer service.

Monnit Remote Monitoring Helps You Deliver Faster, Effective Heat-Killing Treatments 4G


Kill bugs in rooms, walls, and enclosed spaces using ALTA Wireless Standard Temperature Sensors to monitor a wide range of temperatures between -40°F to 257°F. Use up to 100- foot leads to help track optimal temperatures.


AC Current

Monitor industrial electric heater performance and power draw with ALTA Wireless AC Current Meters. The meters can tell you if consumption rises due to a heater working harder than usual and may fail or require maintenance.



Connect an ALTA Wireless Vibration Meter to a direct-fired propane heater to determine the equipment’s health. Alerts regarding excessive vibration can indicate a failing fan, motor, overdue maintenance, or structural damage.


G-Force Snapshot Accelerometers

Know in an instant if someone opens the door to a closed or sealed-off building, room, or home using the ALTA Wireless G-Force Snapshot Accelerometer. The sensor is ideal for detecting orientation, vibration, inclination, or tilt.


4G LTE Cellular Gateways

Maintain sensor data transmission and security while working on site or on the go with an ALTA 4G LTE Cellular Gateway. Ideal for remote and mobile work like extermination services, the cellular gateway can keep you connected.

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