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Financial firms rely heavily on their computer systems and data servers for their employees to be able to perform their jobs. Their data closets and server room are full of expensive computers and networking equipment that are designed to operate within a given temperature range. The electronics also need to be kept away from water. Monnit was approached by a large financial firm, about an issue they were having in monitoring their data closets. They had a cooling malfunction over a weekend when the office was empty, which shut down servers in one of their data closets.

This caused delays in operations during the start of business the following week, which caused employee and customer complaints. Down time for this company meant a loss in business and reputation.


Monnit provides a reliable remote monitoring solution that includes wireless temperature, humidity and water sensors that are perfect for use inside data closets and server rooms. The company deployed wireless temperature sensors throughout their IT/server areas to alert them when temperatures are out of preferred range. Monnit wireless gateways support up to 100 wireless sensors each, so the company also decided to deploy wireless humidity and water sensors in these areas, and deployed temperature sensors in their HVAC ducts to more closely monitor their environmental control system.

The sensor data is sent wirelessly to a MonnitLink™ gateway located in the center of the server room. The gateway sends the information to iMonnit™, the online sensor monitoring system. The wireless temperature and humidity sensors take readings every 15 minutes and water sensors detect the immediate presence of water. Notifications were setup to alert the IT staff if anything is outside of their preferred range.


Before implementing Monnit wireless sensors this company had experienced operational delays due to the lack of monitoring server/data closet conditions. These operational delays cost them a loss in business and reputation. For an initial investment of ~$1,400 they deployed a Monnit remote monitoring solution consisting of a gateway, 10 temperature sensors, 5 humidity sensors and 5 water sensors.

Since installing the system, temperature sensors detected another incident where the HVAC system was not providing adequate cooling to one of their data closets. Monnit temperature sensors detected the issue early enough that they were able to repair the system before any damage or downtime resulted.

Using Monnit’s comprehensive monitoring solution this company is now able to:

  • Prevent costly damage to their servers and IT equipment due to excessive temperatures and humidity or water leaks.
  • Ensure that their HVAC system is functioning properly.
  • Maintain a reliable IT infrastructure for business operations.


To track temperatures of server stacks and data closets.
To track temperature output of the HVAC system.



To track humidity levels around IT equipment.


Water sensors

To detect immediate presence of water around server equipment.

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