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We Are IoT Management Group

The Experts in Smart Sensor Solutions

With up to 35 years experience within engineering, design and management, we are experts in wireless technology. Our understanding of the RFID industry cements our positions as leaders within this sector and as such, we provide the highest standard of care.

With partners in Melbourne, Asia and the USA, we are happy to provide you with the volume of product which suits your project. We pride ourselves on being up-to-date with the latest technological advances in integrated circuitswireless communications and physiological sensing.

We produce 60 unique sensor solutions. Our miniaturelightweightpower efficient and intelligent monitoring devices are a valuable resource to secure for your business.

Suitable for industries including: hospitalityhealth carerefrigerationtransportationstoragepharmaceuticalsresearchfood chainspropertyminingsecurity and environment.

Led by Mark and Ian, our staff are highly skilled, trained and solution focused.

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