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Wireless Sensors

We provide sensor based smart solutions for environment sensing, agriculture and smart
infrastructure that has the potential to impact millions of lives across the world.

Reduce Unplanned Downtime by Performing Simple Diagnostics.

Wireless Sensors provide smart monitoring solutions. You receive immediate and accurate data. Reduce unplanned downtime by performing simple diagnostics. Customise your notification settings for real-time data, accessed wherever, whenever and however you want.

Wireless Sensors

How Our Wireless Sensor System Works

Wireless Sensor

Monitor & detect conditions you want to know about

Wireless Gateway Image@2x

Wireless Gateway

Gateway relay information between sensor & online monitoring

Online Monitoring Image@2x

Online Monitoring

Access online portal for real time data, alerted if there is an issue

Real-Time Data from Device to Cloud to You

Data is collected by the sensor and wirelessly transmitted to a gateway, then immediately sent to your
preferred cloud service or a local application.

Endless Tracking And Monitoring Possibilities

Your data and our monitoring ensures you are always connected. Tap into your time stamped data whenever it is, no matter the time, location or type. Whether on a PC or using our app on your device, view your current measurements and all your history. We offer an unlimited number of sensor systems, remote tracking and ability to view more than one sensor at a time. Our smart sensors are continually logging data but you can choose how often you wish to record your data whether every minute, once an hour or once a week. Using minimal power, our battery system can last for years. Monitor battery levels online and simply replace the battery, not the whole sensor, whenever it is needed.

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